We keep all our clients personal data safely on our server which is password
protected and only share it with agreed third parties which consist of mainly
Production Companies, Producers, Casting Directors and other industry
professionals for which we apply for work to on your behalf and act as an
intermediary during the duration of the contract.
We adhere strictly to the terms of our Agency Agreement which all clients sign
on joining and which is their responsibility to make themselves familiar with.
Data comes to us via email messages from potential clients and clients that have
our contact details both on email, our website and via Spotlight. Others come via
our three social media platforms – (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)
Your data is kept securely during the time you are represented with us and until
such time as it is no longer required or has no use – ie when either you as client
or us as agents terminate our contract with you. At this point you have the right
accordance with the GDPR to request the erasure of all your personal data.
Information about you may be shared on our social media and website in order
to promote you as a performer and us as a professional agency. This is
something agreed to when you sign your Agency Agreement. Images we collect
of our actors working can and may be used in perpetuity for promotion for the
We will only ever use first names of all the under 18 year olds we represent
on social media platforms to protect their identity. Our social media platforms
feature sharing buttons which helps promote our agency.
If you have any questions about this privacy policy please contact us at